Mist + Stone Presents

Citrine Pendants for Citrine Rendezvous

november β€’ 2017

November is a different sensory experience than any other throughout the year. The air is chilling but it isn’t quieting yet. There is still so much pulse and life and communion. The darkness descends so early, but is punctuated with brilliant lights, good wine, and a unified knowing that regardless of creed, this stretch of weeks holds significance for us all.

There is a citrine aura surrounding this season - desirous of prosperity, joy, and warmth. Citrine romanticizes every interaction into that of a rendezvous - giving without discretion, and wanting you to have everything you desire. In light of this theme, we are thrilled to bring this small batch of handmade citrine necklaces to the shop to serve as a reminder that wherever you go this season, you bring life and richness to all you encounter.

Punctuated with a raw citrine stone, these necklaces are highly protective, and were designed and crafted to bring clarity, energy, and success as we move throughout the final months of this year.

How wonderful would it be to share a token of your friendship that speaks of all the beauty, warmth, and honest encouragement that exists between the two of you? We loved the idea of a modern friendship necklace so much that we've decided to offer these pendants in a gift set of two!